Rosetta Stone German review.

About Rosetta Stone German.

Everyone who has done even a little research on German learning programs, should be familiar with Rosetta Stones’ name. This is because this course is available for many years already. As a result it has been used by different learners to learn more than twenty separate foreign languages.

Due to high popularity of Rosetta Stone, it is possible to find a lot of feedback about this learning program. Most learners agree that Rosetta Stone offers very engaging and quite unique course for learning German language. Nevertheless user success and reviews varies a lot. This suggest that Rosetta Stone is suitable learning program only for some German learners.

Teaching method used by this program is often referred to as immersion. While you will be using this program, you will soon notice that there are no explanations in English. Consequently you will only see & hear your target language. This kind of approach will allow you to immerse yourself into German language completely.

This program works by showing pictures of different situations that users need to associate with German words or phrases. Within time learners are able to notice patterns in German language and learn it naturally. This type of learning can be especially favored by visual learners. Also it can be preferred by those who don’t want to learn lists of vocabulary & grammar rules.

Review of The Main Features.

Rosetta Stone GermanAt the moment there are up to five levels of Rosetta Stone program available for learning German. This is the most that it offers for any foreign language. Hence it means that learners can achieve more advanced level in German when studying via Rosetta Stone. In order to finish all parts of this program, learners might need to spend up 250 hours. So that’s definitely quite a lot of German studying content to learn from.

Busy learners with limited time for studying German, will find Rosetta Stone as suitable for their learning style. The fact that studying content in this course can be accessed online, allows users to study German while not being around their computer. Mobile app is available as well. So it is possible to login to this program and study German conveniently while being on the move.

Learners who need some social features while studying, will find a few of them in Rosetta Stone as well. These include games (with other German learners or solo) and e-tutoring sessions. Live sessions are available for booking after completing important parts of this learning program. They usually last for 20-30 minutes and you will be participating in them together with other German learners.


Lessons in Rosetta Stone are divided into different units. They are aimed at teaching learners all aspects of German – speaking, listening, writing and reading. Since Rosetta Stone teaches German through complete immersion, don’t expect to learn much grammar with it. It is true that you will find some grammar workouts included. Nevertheless it is too difficult advance in this area without in depth explanations in English. So you might need to find some supplementary studying resources to learn German grammar properly.

It can be said that this course allows some customization. This is because learners can choose which units and exercises to study first. This kind of flexibility allows learners to work on German language areas that need the most work or are the most essential for them. Alternatively users of Rosetta Stone can also let the program guide them through the whole course without skipping lessons.

When studying via Rosetta Stone, learners do not need to worry too much about remembering their last activities. All user progress in this program is fully tracked & recorded. So you will be able to continue studying German where you last left. Also advanced tracking in this software allows learners to see number of mistakes in each workout. This is helpful when identifying exercises that need more revision.

rosetta-stone-speech-recognitionThis program provides learners with some great features that can be helpful for practicing German speaking skills. TruAccent technology in Rosetta Stone automatically detects learners pronunciation and evaluates if it’s right or wrong. So it can be a very useful learning feature for improving German pronunciation and encouraging learners to speak out load more frequently.

Rosetta Stone also comes together with supplementary audios. They can be quite useful additional learning material for studying German offline. Also it is worthwhile to mention that all recordings in this program are done by native German speakers. Consequently when following this learning program you can always be sure that you are hearing correct pronunciation & accent.

Most of vocabulary that German learners can learn from Rosetta Stone can be called essential. They can expect to learn words & phrases associated with topics like shopping, traveling, greetings, work, school, directions, economy, politics and etc. Since this course arranges its lessons based on different topics, you will be able to select and do lessons that have the most essential German vocabulary for you. So no matter for what purpose you are studying German (work, traveling, studying abroad), you will definitely find words & phrases in Rosetta Stone lessons useful for you.

Rosetta Stone requires subscription type of payments so you will need to pay additionally each time you will renew your membership. Since there are options to choose different length subscriptions, it can be affordable for most German learners.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

Rosetta Stone German has both positive and negative reviews from its users. The most common complain that you will hear is that learning via Rosetta Stone alone might be a bit difficult for complete beginners at German. This is because complete immersion method requires learners to figure out a lot of things on their own. Learning without translations in English can also result in a lot guessing and uncertainty.

Nevertheless, other people seem to be pretty happy about this German course. Consequently they give positive feedback about their learning experience. They compliment engaging workouts and ability to practice their speaking skills via advanced TruAccent technology. Read a few actual user reviews of Rosetta Stone German bellow.


Interested in reading more reviews of Rosetta Stone German? You can find plenty of them on Amazon website.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • There are a total of 5 levels of this course available for German learners. It is the most parts that Rosetta Stone offers for any language. Due to this users can achieve higher level at this foreign language. Also Rosetta Stone can also be a suitable studying program for more advanced German learners;
  • Not familiar with Rosetta Stone and its teaching method? It is possible to try demo version of this program at the official page of this German course;
  • Rosetta Stone is useful learning program for improving German pronunciation. This is because audios are recorded by native German speakers. Also TruAccent feature is helpful for practicing your speaking skills;
  • This German learning program is designed so that it would be relatively easy to navigate it. Also since it teaches through complete immersion, it can be easily used by learners those native language is not English;
  • Provided workouts and games in this course are very interactive and fun to do. So most of the time users do not even feel as if they are learning German. Also studying a new language through different activities can help to improve overall learning efficiency;
  • Rosetta Stone provides German learners with some advanced learning features. These include games, mobile app and live sessions with a tutor;
  • Provided exercises in Rosetta Stone can help to improve all aspects of German language – speaking, comprehension, reading and writing. This is a huge benefit over audio based courses (like Pimsleur) that focus only on speaking and comprehension part of a new language;
  • It is easy to follow your progress with this online course since it has advanced tracking features. You can see what workouts you already completed and what your score in them was. This motivates you to study further and improve your results in these exercises;
  • This program allows learners to choose what workouts to do at any given time. So they can concentrate on grammar, writing or other preferred areas of German language;
  • It can be said that Rosetta Stone does a great job at keeping your retention high when studying. The same material is repeated in further lessons and new content is being introduced in different activities as well;
  • Studying content in Rosetta Stone online can be accessed via different devices & online. Consequently learners can study German conveniently via this program while on the go. Users can also use accompanying audios and learn at least part of material without Wifi;
  • Rosetta Stone mostly introduces essential German vocabulary. Also different units are grouped based on topics. Hence you will have the possibility to select & do lessons with the most essential vocabulary to you first;
  • This learning program comes together with money back guarantee. So you can try Rosetta Stone German risk free for up to 30 days;

Main Cons:

  • Learning a new language through complete immersion might not work for all learners. You might often find yourself guessing a meaning of some German words or phrases. Also if you don’t understand something, lack of explanations in English might cause frustration and slow down your overall learning efficiency;
  • Rosetta Stone is not very useful program to learn German grammar properly. It will provide you with some grammar exercises, but it will not give explanations (when to use die or das and etc.). So if you truly want to have good knowledge of grammar, you will definitely need some additional studying material;
  • For learners who are planning a trip to German speaking country, Rosetta Stone is not the quickest way to learn survival phrases fast. Other courses like Pimsleur or Fluenz are more suitable for this purpose since they introduce travelers vocabulary from the first lessons;
  • There is no German cultural content included in Rosetta Stone. Also this course is designed almost the same for all languages (same images and even templates);
  • Even after recent decrease in price, Rosetta Stone is still quite expensive German learning tool. For a lifetime access you might need to spend up to 299 USD;

Summary of a Review and Pricing.

Although Rosetta Stone has some drawbacks, it’s still a great program for learning foreign languages. It can be a very useful tool for German learners who already have some knowledge of grammar and language structure. Interactive workouts in this program can help you expand your list of German vocabulary greatly. Also Rosetta Stone includes some great features for practicing German speaking skills. Accompanying audios will allow you to practice your German accent while being on the move. Also advanced speech recognition technology (TruAccent) will give you feedback on your pronunciation. Great advantage of this program is that there are even up to 5 levels available for German. This means that learners can advance quite a lot in this foreign language while using Rosetta Stone.

As it was pointed out in this review article, Rosetta Stone has some drawbacks as well. It might be too difficult to study via this course alone for complete beginners at this foreign language. This is due to complete immersion teaching method used by Rosetta Stone. Users of this learning program need to notice patterns and figure out quite a lot of things on their own. You might also need to use supplementary dictionary. This is because at times it might be not fully clear what particular German word a picture is trying to portray. Also this learning program is designed the same way for all 24 foreign languages. So you will not get any information on German people or their culture.

Rosetta Stone is only one of many language learning programs that are available for studying German. Want to get a full list? Then you should read this review article.

Where to buy Rosetta Stone German Program?

Already made a decision to purchase Rosetta Stone German? You can find it available on a couple of different pages. These include retail sites like Amazon or eBay and official page of Rosetta Stone.


Learners who are interested in buying this German learning program have a few different pricing options. One of these options would be to get a subscription from official page of Rosetta Stone. There are options to purchase subscription anywhere from 3 to 24 months (~79-299 USD).

Alternatively you can also buy Rosetta Stone online package from Amazon. This package allows to choose one of 24 foreign languages offered by Rosetta Stone (including for German). The best part about this buying option is that it will give you lifetime access to Rosetta Stone German. The price for this package is 299 USD (or less).

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For learners who are planning to study German in the long term, it is definitely worthwhile to consider lifetime Rosetta Stone access. This way you will not need to worry about subscriptions and renewals. Learning German could take time. Hence with this package you can just relax and enjoy the learning process.