Pimsleur German Audio Lessons review.

About Pimsleur German Lessons.

If you are not new to foreign language learning, you have probably already heard about Pimsleur company and its courses. It provides audio lessons for learning more than 50 languages. This includes German language as well. It’s a great course for those who want to learn how to speak and understand German language fast. It doesn’t focus much on writing or grammar and its rules.

Most lessons in Pimsleur start with a short dialogue in German. Later on it is being translated into English and divided into smaller parts. This way learners are able to understand everything and follow each lesson without too much difficulty. The instructor of this course also asks learners to repeat different commands in German like Excuse me, do you understand English and etc. These rotating commands cover previously learned material. They are helpful for keeping retention rate high and learning how to use vocabulary in different conversations and situations.

The other thing to know about Pimsleur is that it uses so called Graduated Interval Recall method. What it basically means is that commands to repeat certain German words or phrases are not random. At the beginning listeners are being asked to repeat the same words or phrases more frequently. Once learners are able to recall them, new vocabulary is being introduced instead.

What Is Included In This Course?Pimsleur German Premium

When it comes to German, Pimsleur offers a total of 5 levels for learning this foreign language. There is also Premium version of Pimsleur available for German learners. It is basically the same thing as original course (audio lessons, reading material and culture notes), but with a few additional features. These include flashcards, quick match game and Speak easy conversations. The Premium version is a bit more expensive. Hence it’s up to a learner to decide which version to choose and whether he/she needs these extra features.

There are a total of 30 audio lessons in each level, which are approximately 30 minutes long. With only half an hour of your time per day, you can be learning German. So this course is good choice for busy people. They can be also transferred to any mp3 player or smartphone. Hence you would be able to learn even when you are not around your computer or offline.

The topics provided in the course will teach you how to order food, hotel, exchange money, ask for directions and etc. Due to this Pimsleur can be a good survival course if you are planning a trip to German speaking country soon. By completing all five levels of Pimsleur, German learners can expect to achieve intermediate-advance level in speaking and understanding this foreign language.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

In general it can be said that user reviews of Pimsleur German course that you can find online are mostly positive. Most learners compliment these lessons because they teach practical German vocabulary, it is well-organized course and it does sufficient repetition so listeners are able to recall what they have learned.

Some of the most common complains that you will hear about Pimsleur is that it’s too expensive, it doesn’t include transcript of dialogues and that it doesn’t teach all aspects of German language (grammar, writing and reading). Read a few reviews from actual users of Pimsleur German bellow.


If you want to read more consumer reviews of Pimsleur German lessons, visit Amazon page here.

Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • You can learn good pronunciation & accent from Pimsleur lessons. This is for a reason that they are recorded by native German speakers;
  • It is relatively easy to follow and understand material in these audios. This is because each dialogue is being separated into words and some words even into sounds. Also each sentence or dialogue is being repeated a couple of times and translated to English;
  • These lessons are suitable for travelers since they teach essential German vocabulary & phrases;
  • It is easy to recall information from these audios, because Pimsleur uses gradual repetition method. Also instructor of these audios quite commonly prompts you to say different phrases in German, which greatly improves your retention;
  • It is very convenient to study German via Pimsleur on the go. This is because all lessons can be transferred for offline learning and there is free app available. Also each lesson is less than 30 minutes long so it is suitable for busy German learners;
  • Although Pimsleur doesn’t provide learners with extensive German culture lessons, instructor of this course mentions a few useful facts in this area too;
  • Pimsleur also offers Premium edition for German language. In addition to audios, it includes extra features like game and flashcards. It can be said that these features are great for visual learners.

The Main Cons:

  • Pimsleur is more suitable for audible German learners, since the core of this course is audio lessons;
  • The repetition in these lessons might become a bit boring at times. Hence you need a lot of motivation in order to continue studying with Pimsleur course;
  • Even after completing all 5 levels of this course, your German vocabulary will be still quite limited. This is because each lesson of Pimsleur introduces only a couple of new German words or phrases;
  • Pimsleur doesn’t include transcript of dialogues. This can be a bit frustrating if you don’t understand something or simply want to see how certain German words are written;
  • In case you want to learn grammar or writing of German language, you will need additional material to Pimsleur course;
  • Considering all material included and features offered, it can be said that Pimsleur is quite an expensive German course ($550 for all 5 levels in MP3 format).

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review it can be said that Pimsleur can be a great choice course for certain type of German learners. It’s a great option for those who are only interested in learning how to speak and understand this language without learning complicated German grammar rules. Also with this course you can learn useful phrases to get around in Germany fast so it can be said that these lessons are suitable for travelers.

If you still have doubts about Pimsleur lessons you can register at official website of this course and you will receive a free lesson (30 minutes long). This will allow you to test a course and make a decision if it’s right a program for you or not. Registration is totally free and doesn’t require any credit card information.

If you are a visual learner and you need to learn all aspects of German, Pimsleur might be not not the most suitable studying program for you. A better choice for these types of learners would be a Rocket or Fluenz courses, since they teach all aspects of German language and they are more dynamic. In case you are interested in learning more about available online course for studying German language you should also check this article. It provides a list of the best rated and most popular online programs for learning this foreign language and points out their main strong and weak sides.

Where to buy Pimsleur German Courses?

Pimsleur German lessons are available for purchase on a few retailers like Amazon and official page of Pimsleur. The official website of this course might be a better choice, because you can use a coupon code to get a discount. Also you can buy these lessons in MP3 format, which is also a bit cheaper.

When you will visit the official page of Pimsleur you will soon notice that there are a few pricing offers available for this course. The Premium version is priced at $150 for each level or $575 for all five levels. The original course is a bit cheaper and it is priced at $550 for all 5 levels in MP3 format or $119.95 for each separate level. For those who can’t afford to spend that much money at a time, there is an option to buy lessons in a set of 5, which is priced $21.95, although it’s not the most cost efficient offer.

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Coupon Code for Pimsleur German.

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