Paul Noble German review.

About Paul Noble German.

As the name of this course suggest it was developed by Paul Noble, who is a well-known language teacher in London. This course comes in a form of audios so it can be preferred by audible German learners. Some unique aspects of this course are that you do not need to make any notes or try to remember German vocabulary & phrases that you will hear in the lessons too hard. This is because Paul Noble will remind you all new concepts and vocabulary in further lessons.

Also instructor of these lessons encourages you to make mistakes, because it helps to remember material easier and you also feel more relaxed while studying. The other thing to mention about this course is that it teaches language that would help you to communicate with native people. So you will not be taught any unnecessary vocabulary, only German phrases and words that are essential for keeping a conversation with another person. Also Paul Noble quite commonly associate German with English language, which helps to boost your confidence that you already know a lot of German vocabulary and it also enhances your retention.

What Do User Reviews Say?

In general it can be said that Paul Noble audio lessons have very positive feedback from its users. Most learners compliment them, because they use native speakers in the recordings so you can always hear good German accent & pronunciation. Also the price of Paul Noble German is lower than compared to other audio based courses, which makes it affordable for most learners.

One of the most frequently mentioned downsides of these lessons is that they follow a very similar approach as Michel Thomas. Also there are fewer parts of this course available for German so learners can’t advance much in this foreign language. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Paul Noble German lessons bellow.


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What are the Main Pros and Cons?

The Main Pros:

  • All German phrases and words in these lessons are pronounced by a native speaker, so you can learn proper accent and hear correct pronunciation all the time;
  • It is very convenient to study German via Paul Noble course, since all material comes in a form of audios so you will be able to learn everything while on the move;
  • Instructor of these lessons does a good job at keeping your confidence high while studying. It does that by encouraging you to make mistakes and providing associations with English so that you would see that you already know a lot of German;
  • Paul Noble quite commonly prompts learners to say different phrases & words in German, which encourages you to think in the target language. If you don’t know how to translate something you wait a bit and you will hear a correct answer from a native speaker, so it doesn’t raise stress;
  • All vocabulary that you can learn from these German lessons will come in handy if you are planning to visit Germany or Austria and have a conversation with native people;
  • It is not too difficult to remember material from these lessons since Paul Noble uses gradual repetition method and he also provides associations with English language, which greatly enhances retention;
  • Paul Noble provides clear explanations on German structure, so you will be able to start constructing different sentences in this language quickly;
  • If you would compare prices of different German courses that are audio based, it can be said that Paul Noble lessons are one of the cheapest (price range between $55.48-$79.99);

The Main Cons:

  • This course is not very suitable for visual German learners, since all material comes in a form of audios and there is no additional content or features included;
  • Each lesson of this course will teach you quite little new German vocabulary so even after completing the whole course your ability to communicate in this language will be still quite limited;
  • Paul Noble course is less engaging than Michel Thomas; however it can also be said that it is less monotonic than compared to Pimsleur;
  • These lessons are not very useful if you intend to learn grammar of German language properly;
  • This course contains 12 hours of recorded material, which is somewhere equivalent to Michel Thomas Total edition. So if you intend to achieve higher level at German it might be a better idea to consider Michel Thomas from the beginning, since there are additional editions (Perfect and Masterclass) available for this language;
  • Paul Noble doesn’t provide much information about German culture, which can be seen as a downside by some learners.
  • It might be quite difficult to immerse yourself into German language while listening to these lessons since explanations in English takes most of the time.

Summary of a Review.

buy-Paul-Noble-GermanTo conclude this review it can be said that Paul Noble lessons can be a great way to learn some basics of German language. Since it is completely an audio based course, it is more suitable for audible learners and for those who want to study on the move. In case you are studying German for traveling purposes, these lessons can be also very helpful in teaching you essential vocabulary to get around in a foreign country.

As you might have already noticed, in this review I frequently compared Paul Noble and Michel Thomas lessons. This is mainly because both of these courses come in a form of audios and they teach German by following quite similar method. When choosing between these lessons there are a few things to keep in mind. Michel Thomas course might be a better choice for learners who want to achieve higher level at German, since there are more levels available for this particular language. Paul Noble lessons can be preferred by learners who have lower budget for studying and want to hear only native German speakers in the recordings.

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