Living Language German review.

About Living Language German.

Living Language offers courses to learn more than 18 foreign languages, which includes German too. It can be said that these courses are rated well by both user testimonials and reviews online. Living Language teaching method relies on building block approach. This approach means that in the beginning learners are being introduced with separate German words and only later with phrases. By learning small pieces of a new language in the beginning, learners are able to progress confidently in a new language. Within time and some practice, learners can expect to be able to form full sentences and even take part in actual conversations with German speakers.

The other thing to know about this course is that it uses both visual and audio material when teaching a new language. This makes Living Language a suitable course for different type of German learners. Different exercises, games and quizzes that are included in Living Language program are also helpful for keeping retention rate high. By practicing German language through different activities you will be able to recall new studying better and improve overall learning efficiency.

This learning program also emphasizes the importance of knowing and understanding grammar of a new language. Due to this, you can find clear and detailed explanations on German language structure & grammar within content of this course. Based on Living Language, it is important to learn all parts of a new language, because only this way learners are able to gain practical language skills and be confident when communicating in German.

What Courses Are Available?


At the moment there are three main courses offered by Living Language for learners of German. These include Essential, Complete and Platinum Editions.

The first one, which is called Essential, includes one book and three audio CD’s. This part is aimed at total beginners and it can help to learn the most essential words, phrases and basic grammar rules. It also includes an access to online features such as quizzes, games as well as flashcards. The same studying material is included in other Living Language editions, so it might be worthwhile to consider other editions from the start if you need to achieve more advanced level in German language.

The next course from Living Language is called Complete and it includes three textbooks and nine audio CD’s. It is aimed at learners who want to learn more vocabulary and more complex grammar rules. Also it is worthwhile to mention that it will also give access to online features.

One more course that Living Language offers for German learners is Platinum. It provides the same textbooks and audio CD’s; however it comes together with additional features such as mobile app, e-tutoring sessions with native German speakers. Since this course is a bit more expensive than Complete (~$179 compared to ~$50), it is only worthwhile to consider it if you intend to use these additional features.

Living Language also offers online based course for those who want to learn German. The features and studying material offered is more or less the same as Platinum edition. The main differences can be found in pricing and free e-tutoring credits included. Also studying content in this edition of Living Language can be accessed online, which is quite useful feature for German learners who want to study while on the go.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

If you will spend time reading reviews of Living Language German course you will find mostly positive ones. Based on some testimonials it can be said that it is a great course for both total beginners and learners who are already a bit familiar with this language. Some of the most commonly mentioned benefits of Living Language is that it is great at providing clear explanations on German grammar, it is not too expensive and it offers quite a lot of studying content.

However, a few consumer reviews of Living Language German point out that there are some typos in the studying content of this course. Other users mention that at times it is difficult to keep retention rate high when studying via this program. Read a few actual user testimonials of Living Language German course bellow.


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Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • Learning German is never too monotonic with Living Language since it offers different learning tools including text books, audio CD’s, online features like games, quizzes and flashcards. Using different multimedia when studying is also beneficial for improving overall learning efficiency;
  • There are quite a lot of detailed grammar explanations provided in the textbooks, so Living Language is a great choice course for anyone who want to understand German language grammar;
  • Living Language mostly introduces essential vocabulary, so this course can be helpful when learning survival German vocabulary & phrases;
  • In case you will choose Platinum course of Living Language, you should know that it offers one of the best e-tutoring programs when compared with other German courses. This feature is ideal for people who want to practice their listening and speaking skills through classroom setting;
  • Within context of this course, it is possible to find some cultural information. This can be a great addition for learners who want to know more about culture of people who speaks German;
  • Platinum edition of Living Language offers a possibility to download a mobile app, which allows to study German if you are not around your computer. Also all studying content in this course can be accessed online, which makes learning on the go even more convenient;
  • It can be said that this German course can be affordable for most learners (price range ~$50-$179). Considering all the studying material & features included, it can be said that Living Language offers great value for money;

The Main Cons:

  • Other than audio CD’s, Living Language doesn’t offer more advanced features that would help learners to practice their German pronunciation. Competitor courses have Voice Comparison & Recognition features that can be very useful for practicing speaking skills;
  • While Living Language offers games, quizzes and flashcards that can be helpful for increasing retention rate, it can be said that at times these features lack engagement;
  • Since there are a lot grammar explanations and English language in general in this course, Living Language might be not the best choice program for people who want to immerse into German completely when studying;
  • It can be said that tracking features of Living Language online course are not very advanced. You actually need to complete the whole lesson in order for it to be marked as completely finished;

Summary of a Review and Pricing.

To summarize this review it can be said that Living Language German course can be a great learning tool for quite a lot of learners. It can work well for both total beginners and people who want refresh their German language skills. The fact that Living Language provides studying content that covers all areas of a new language (including grammar), makes it a complete course for learning German. The other benefit of these lessons is that they are very affordable so it is a great choice course for everyone who is short on a budget.

Despite all these mentioned benefits, it is important to acknowledge some limitations of this course too. These include lack of engagement in online features & audios, no advanced features for practicing German speaking skills and limited possibility to study on the move (Complete and Essential editions). However, if these downsides don’t seem important for you, it is definitely worthwhile to consider one of Living Language courses for studying German. After all, it is a small investment when compared with similar German courses.

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Where to buy Living Language German Courses?


In case you have already decided to buy one of Living Language German courses, you can find them on official Living Language page or retail sites like Amazon and Ebay.

The price of this course varies based on the edition that you will choose to buy. The cheapest version of Living Language is Essential (22.99 USD); however it includes very limited studying content. More serious German learners usually choose either Complete (49.99 USD) or Platinum (179 USD) editions. If you don’t need very advanced features when studying it might be best to choose Complete edition, since it is significantly cheaper.

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