Instant Immersion German review.

About Instant Immersion German.

German is one of the foreign languages that is being offered to study for users of Instant Immersion. This software is also available for studying ~120 other languages, which is quite a large choice. As the name of this program suggest it teaches learners German by immersion method. What it means is that new German phrases & words are being introduced in different workouts by associating them with images. These kind of exercises are quite fun and engaging to do; however at the same time they don’t give any explanations on sentence structure or grammar rules. Due to this it can be said that Instant Immersion software is mostly aimed at teaching learners how to communicate in German language.

Since there are a few different versions of Instant Immersion software available for German language, studying material and features in them can vary slightly. One of the most popular versions of this software is called Family Edition. It comes in a form of 1 CD (~10 hours of audio recordings) and 2 DVD’s (interactive learning game for TV and 3 levels of studying material). In addition to that this version also includes 30 free e-tutoring credits with italki and a small pocket size phrasebook for studying on the move.


3 levels of this program are aimed at teaching learners the most essential German words & phrases for holding a conversation in this foreign language. You will learn vocabulary in different topics like shopping, food, time, numbers, hotels and etc. New learned vocabulary then can be tested via quizzes and flashcards.

To practice German speaking skills a Voice Recognition feature is available too. It allows to record pronunciation of different German words and then compare it with a native speaker. In order to learn proper pronunciation of German words & phrases there are 10 hours of audio lessons included. They can be transferred to iPod or any MP3 player and then used for studying on the go.

For learners who are studying German for business purposes there is also additional section included with vocabulary in this area. It can help to learn vocabulary associated with topics like marketing, finance, advertising and etc.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

Even though user testimonials of Instant Immersion German are quite mixed, most learners confirm that this program is useful for learning German & improving pronunciation and also the price of this software is quite low.

Some negative testimonials mention that this software is not very helpful for learning German sentence structure, the translations to English language are not always accurate and etc. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Instant Immersion German software bellow.


For more actual user reviews of Instant Immersion German course, visit Amazon page here.

What are the Main Strong and Weak Sides?

Strong Sides:

  • Instant Immersion can be a suitable learning program for most German learners (visual & audible) since it includes studying material in different forms (games, audios, flashcards and etc.);
  • This software can be quite useful for improving German pronunciation. Voice Recognition feature allows not only to compare your pronunciation with native speaker, but it also encourages to speak out load more often. Also since audios in this program are made by native German speakers you can always hear proper pronunciation;
  • Since Instant Immersion comes together with some audio lessons, you can learn German via this program on the go. Also there is a small pocket size Phrase Guide included, which can be quite useful when you are not around your computer;
  • Instant Immersion can be very useful program for repeating & learning new German vocabulary. This is because it includes mostly essential words & phrases and also vocabulary is being grouped by different topics;
  • It can be said that this software includes sufficient activities in order to keep learners retention rate high. New learned German vocabulary can be practiced in different workouts, flashcards, games and etc.;
  • Since this program doesn’t give too much explanations in English it is quite easy to immerse into German language while studying via Instant Immersion;
  • Whenever you will decide to study via this software you will be able to continue where you last left (advanced tracking). Also since workouts are based on points system you will be able track your progress easier and repeat exercises that were more difficult;
  • Some free e-tutoring credits from italki are available with the newest version of Instant Immersion software. Although these credits only cover 30 minutes, so you will need to pay extra in order to use this feature more;
  • Engaging and different workouts in Instant Immersion program makes learning German quite fun and not monotonic experience;
  • Instant Immersion can be installed on different computers, which is a great benefit if you have other family members interested in learning German;
  • It is possible to buy only 1 level of Instant Immersion German or all 3 levels in a bundle. The price for all 3 levels is not too high 19.95-49.95 USD, which is a great benefit in case you don’t have a large budget. There is also no risk in trying this software because Instant Immersion offers money back guarantee (up to 90 days);

Weak Sides:

  • It would be quite useful to have more social features included in Instant Immersion program like forum, ability to communicate with other German learners or tutor. These features are helpful when you get stuck on more difficult material or you simply want to share your learning experience;
  • It might be a bit difficult to study German via Instant Immersion for learners who are complete beginners at this foreign language. This is mainly because this software doesn’t provide explanations on German grammar or language structure. Due to this you will need to find some additional studying resources & material;
  • Even though Instant Immersion has Voice Recognition feature it is not as advanced as in other similar programs. It allows to compare your German pronunciation with a native speaker; however it doesn’t evaluate if you are pronouncing well or not;
  • Since Instant Immersion is a computer based program it is not very convenient to learn German via this course while on the go. Although some audio material can be transferred to other devices and used for studying on the move;

In Summary.

To summarize this review article it can be said that Instant Immersion can be suitable learning program for some German learners. If you are already familiar with German language, its grammar & language structure, this software can be useful for expanding & repeating vocabulary and practicing pronunciation. Workouts in this course are picture based and dynamic so most learners will find studying material in Instant Immersion engaging enough.

On the other hand it can be difficult to progress with Instant Immersion program for complete beginners at this foreign language. Since immersion based workouts in this software doesn’t give too much explanations you will need to figure out quite a lot of things on your own. Due to this learning progress can be quite slow or you will need to find some supplementary studying material. Other than that Instant Immersion is quite engaging German learning software with a lot of different activities so it might be worthwhile to try this course for learners who doesn’t have a large budget.

Where to buy Instant Immersion German Courses?

Buy-Instant-Immersion-German-programInstant Immersion German is available for purchase on official website of this course and a few retailers like Amazon and eBay. There are a few different versions available and also it is possible to order one level or all levels in the bundle (more cost efficient).

All three parts of this software can be purchased for 42.46-49.99 USD, so it is a small investment compared with most German courses online. It is also worthwhile to mention that fewer levels or older versions of this software can be bought at even lower price.

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