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Fluenz German Software review.

About Fluenz German Course.

Fluenz can be still considered as a new language learning program therefore it is available for fewer foreign languages. At the moment it is possible to get this program for studying Mandarin, French, Spanish, German and few other foreign languages. The main three principles of Fluenz teaching approach is that adults need to learn new languages with explanations in English language, they should learn the most essential words in the beginning and they need to be guided by a teacher (provides video based tutor). Most learners seem to rate Fluenz highly, which is a good proof that this learning approach works for adults.

A usual lesson by Fluenz starts with a short introduction to the topic by Sonia Gill. After that you will hear a short dialogue between native German speakers. Learners are expected to listen to the dialogue a few times in order to understand everything better. There is also an option to turn on and off subtitles for each dialogue, so you can try it both ways. Later on you will get explanations from your video tutor about each part of the conversation. After this, you can move on to various workouts that will help you practice new studying content. In the end of each lesson you will also get a final comment from your tutor.

Review of The Main Features.

fluenz-german-featuresThere are a total of 5 levels of this program available for German, which is the most that Fluenz offers for any foreign language at the moment. Each level includes 30 sessions, so there are a total of 150 sessions in all parts of this course. With so many studying content, beginner learners can advance more in a new language and users with previous German learning experience can begin with 3-5 levels of Fluenz. Learners can expect to complete a single lesson within up to 2 hours; although studying time can vary based on learning speed and needed practice.

One of the best benefits of Fluenz is that it is very convenient program for studying German on the move. With this program learners have a possibility to download an app and access all studying content & features in Fluenz via different devices or online. This feature of Fluenz helps to ensure that learners can use their spare time for studying even while they are away from home. Studying content in this program can be accessed without internet connection as well. The whole program can be downloaded and used later for studying German offline. In addition to the main software, Fluenz also provides German learners with supplementary MP3 files. These audios can be transferred to your preferred device and used for practicing German comprehension and speaking skills on the go.

fluenz-tutorIt can be said that Fluenz also tries to ensure that learners would be able to recall studying content from this learning program. Not only does this course sufficient repetition of new studying material, but users can also find various workouts and features to practice different areas of German language. Some exercises in this software are quite simple (ask users to match English and German words), while others are more challenging (requires writing). Additionally users of Fluenz can customize flashcards from selected lessons. There are three different types of flashcards as well – old school, random and with writing. These customization settings give learners more flexibility to practice parts of German language that are the most essential for them. Users of Fluenz also have the ability to turn on & off subtitles when following dialogues in this program. It is possible to see subtitles in English, German or both of these mentioned languages. This particular setting can be quite useful when making studying content easier or more difficult.

Most of German words & phrases taught in Fluenz program can be called essential. It can be said that vocabulary in this software can be especially useful for travelers who need to get around in a foreign country. Learners can expect to learn German vocabulary that would allow them to navigate easily in public transport, order food in restaurants, make different reservations, ask questions, talk about themselves and much more. Each session in Fluenz doesn’t introduce too much new German vocabulary, because there is a lot of repetition and detailed explanations. However there are many lessons available for German, so your list of vocabulary will be quite reasonable after completing all parts of Fluenz.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

It can be said that consumer reviews of Fluenz German course are mostly positive. Quite a lot of learners compliment this software, because it provides in depth explanations on all parts of German language. Also reinforcement of previous studying content and different studying features help to ensure high retention rate.

One of the most common complains you can find about Fluenz is that it is quite expensive German learning program. Also some users point out that this software lacks more advanced features for practicing speaking skills (like Speech Recognition). Read a few reviews from users of Fluenz German course bellow.


If you want to read more reviews of Fluenz German, you can visit Amazon site and you will find plenty of them there.

Review of the Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • Fluenz offers five parts for German learners, so it is possible to achieve more advanced level with this foreign language. And users who are already familiar with German can go to 3-5 parts directly;
  • Explanations provided in each lesson of Fluenz help to understand grammar and language structure much easier. Due to this learners can follow studying content in this program confidently (without doing any guessing);
  • Mobile app allows users of Fluenz to access studying content and learn German whenever they are. Also there are supplementary MP3 files included that can help to practice speaking and comprehension skills while on the go;
  • Fluenz allows users to choose subtitles for dialogues either in English, German or no subtitles. This is a very convenient feature because you can choose subtitles in the beginning and once you get familiar with the lessons, you can simply turn them off;
  • This program repeats new studying content in current and further lessons. Also in order to ensure high retention rate, Fluenz provides learners with various workouts and flashcards that can help to practice German from different angles;
  • Fluenz is a good choice course to learn essential German traveling phrases and vocabulary fast. So if you are planning a trip to Germany or other country speaking this language, you can definitely benefit from this course;
  • In case you want to find out more about German people and their traditions, you will get some culture information at the end of most lessons;
  • Fluenz software is designed so that it would be easy and intuitive to use (no guidelines are needed). Also the whole program contains beautiful photos that make learning German a more engaging experience;
  • Studying German via Fluenz is never too monotonic, because there are different learning features (workouts, flashcards and etc.) and studying content (video based lessons & MP3). Learning a new language via different activities also helps to ensure overall studying efficiency;

Main Cons:

  • Fluenz doesn’t include many social aspects in the course (except of forum) where you could interact with other learners or a teacher. Some similarly priced competitor courses offer either live e-tutoring sessions or ability to play games with other learners;
  • Even though there are up to five levels (150 sessions) of this course available, the amount of new German vocabulary or grammar concepts you can learn in each part of Fluenz is quite limited;
  • In case you are studying German for other purposes than traveling, this course might be too tourist oriented for you;
  • It would be great if this program would include some written material on grammar (at least for my learning style). The problem is that when you finish a lot of lessons it becomes quite difficult to find in which video something was explained;
  • Even though explanations are definitely a lot needed component of this program, it also means that you will hear way less German language. So learners who want complete immersion into German when studying, might find too much English in this software;
  • It can be said that Fluenz is one of the most expensive courses for learning German. The price ranges from $398 to $677 (depending on the current discount).

Summary of a Review and Pricing.

To conclude this review, it can be said that despite some small drawbacks, Fluenz can be one of the best choices for learning German for both beginners and a bit more advanced learners. Explanations provided in each lesson on grammar & language structure make learning German much easier task. Various studying features and workouts help learners to practice German from different angles and ensure that they are able to recall studying content from this program. Also ability to study via different devices and on the go, make Fluenz course suitable even for busy German learners. So if you are looking for quality German course with these studying features, it is definitely worthwhile to consider Fluenz program.

Despite many benefits of Fluenz, there are a few limitations in this German learning program as well. Since Fluenz includes in depth explanations on all parts of German and does quite a lot of repetition, there is very little time left to introduce new studying content in each lesson. So even though you will be able to progress confidently in German, you will be nowhere fluent in this foreign language even after completing all levels of Fluenz. This software also lacks more advanced social German studying features like e-tutoring or posibility to communicate with other learners. The price of Fluenz program is also quite high (177 USD for one level); however it is possible to reduce it significantly by getting all levels in the bundle.

If you are interested in learning more about online courses for studying German, you should read this article. It lists 5 other popular online programs for learning this language and points out their main advantages and disadvantages.

Where to buy Fluenz German Courses?

buy-fluenz-german-coursesThe pricing of this course differs based on how many levels you will choose to buy at once. It is more cost efficient to buy all 5 parts in the bundle and it is priced at $398 on Amazon. In case you need only one level of this program, it’s price is $177. So buying only one part of Fluenz is way more expensive option if you intend to buy other parts later. In case you already have previous German learning experience, there is also an option to purchase 3-5 levels of Fluenz program (248 USD).

This German course can be purchased from Amazon or directly from official Fluenz site. Usually prices are similar or the same on both of these mentioned websites. In case you want to try this program prior to buying, there is a free demo version available at the official Fluenz website.

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