Best ways to learn German Language.

How to choose a best way to learn?

Due to the fact that German is one of the most popular foreign languages to learn you can find plenty of ways that you can start or continue learning. What is the best way for you to learn will depend on a few things. First of all it depends on what level you need to achieve with this language. For those who are learning German for traveling purposes it might be enough to find free lessons online like on YouTube. It will be enough to learn some phrases that are the most needed to get around in a foreign country. The other option would be to buy, rent a book for beginners or one level of online course that are mentioned in this website. For people who are learning this language for job opportunities, studying abroad it might be a good idea to look for classes, language schools or advanced online course.

While choosing the best way for you to learn it is also important to know what type of learner you are. This is crucial factor since if you don’t know your learning style you might choose the wrong way to study and you might get frustrated soon and even abandon German learning fast. So for example if you are an audible learner look for audio lessons, podcasts or courses that includes them as one of the components. And in case you are a visual learner avoid audio based material and find some video or written material like flashcards, video lessons, books, games, software’s and etc.

There other thing to consider while choosing the best way to learn is of course your budget for learning and time you can dedicate. Language classes & schools and private tutors can help you achieve more advanced level with German; however they are also very expensive. Also not everyone has the time to attend classes regularly or go abroad to study. For people who doesn’t have huge budget or simply can’t dedicate much time for learning the best way to study might be online courses, books and free resources.

Ways to learn German language.

Study via books.

There are quite a lot of books that can help you start learning German easier especially if you are just starting. You can find plenty of them on Amazon cheaply that are aimed at teaching you speaking, grammar, phrases or words. If you don’t have a budget for studying I am quite sure that you can find some books to borrow from a library.

1. German grammar (Quickstudy: Academic).

This is a quick study guide to German grammar. It is only 4 pages long so it’s not a complete book on grammar, however it is quite useful to have somewhere around you if you want to remember something quickly. It includes alphabet, numbers, nouns, pronouns, passive voice, imperative, rules on word order and etc. There are additional tables for learning vocabulary too, which you can also find on Amazon.

2. The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, write, and understand basic German in no time.

This book is aimed at everyone who is just starting to learn. It has a total of 304 pages that include easy to understand lessons, workouts to practice what you have learned and a CD to practice your pronunciation. It is a great self-study book that you can use in addition to classes or online courses. When you finish this book, there is also a second phase which can take your learning to a next level.

3. German: How to Speak and Write it (Beginner’ Guides).

This is also a great beginner book that can teach you basic grammar rules, vocabulary. As well as that there are quite a lot of interesting facts about this language and native people along with photographs included. It has a total of 384 pages, so it’s a good value for money too. However it is a bit outdated and some learners might find it not appealing.

Although these books are quite cheap they are also quite limited too. So if you want to achieve more advanced level with this language it might be a better idea to consider an online course from the beginning.

Study via free resources.

There are also a few free websites that can help you with your learning. The first one is Memrise. It is a free website where you can find short courses for different languages and topics. The lessons are quite interactive and fun, since they come along with pictures. The thing that I liked the most about it that you learn points when you complete a lesson. So it is great for keeping your motivation high while learning. The second one is Duolingo. It is also a free website that is similar to Memrise and can help you learn some basic vocabulary; improve your pronunciation and etc.

Also you can look for beginner lessons on YouTube. There are quite a lot of video material available, simply search for keywords like German lessonsGerman lessons for beginners and etc. In addition to that you can look on Google search engine for some material. There are quite a lot of free websites offering grammar explanations, lists of vocabulary along with pronunciation and etc.

Learn via online courses.

When it comes to online courses there are quite a lot of them available for German language. The prices range from $50-$400 depending on how many levels you will need. One of the most popular ones are Rocket, Fluenz, Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. All of them offers different features and are aimed for different type of learners. So if you are interested in finding more about each of them you can find detailed reviews in this website.