Babbel German review.

About Babbel German.

Babbel offers to study foreign languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German is no exception. It is subscription based online course, which can to help learn how to understand, speak and write in a foreign language. In order to study via this course learners can use mobile app and online website.

Learners who complete the whole Babbel course can expect to achieve B1 level at German language. After logging to this course website you will find lessons grouped based on their difficulty (Beginner or Intermediate) or topics (grammar, writing, listening & speaking and etc.). One quite unique aspect of Babbel course for German language is that it includes a section called Business German. In these particular lessons you can learn how answer telephone professionally, write formal e-mails, communicate with colleagues, write professional looking CV and etc.


Babbel lessons are being grouped not only by their difficulty, but also by different topics. This is quite useful feature because you can choose to complete lessons that cover subjects the most interesting for you or you simply need to expand your vocabulary in a specific area. All of the lessons are divided into small parts so it won’t take too much time to complete them. They follow more or less similar pattern – each topic is divided into two parts and there is also a review lesson. In addition to that you will also find some pronunciation lessons that are aimed at teaching learners how say different letters correctly in German.

If your goal is to learn German grammar you will find some lessons for that included in Babbel too. These lessons doesn’t cover grammar very deeply; however provided exercises and examples can help to learn some basics. For learners who are studying German for traveling purposes Babbel has a separate section called Countries and Traditions. In these lessons you can learn about different dialects of German language, celebrations like Oktoberfest, the most important words & phrases to get around in a foreign country and etc.

Some other features of Babbel that are worth mentioning are Review Manager and also ability to message & search for other learners. Review Manager selects words from lessons that you already completed so that you would be able to review them one more time. This feature is very useful for repetition and keeping retention rate high. Social features of this course allow to communicate with other German learners through messages, participate in different discussions, ask questions and etc.

Review of the Main Strong and Weak Sides.

The Main Strong Sides:

  • Before subscribing to one of Babbel German plans it is possible to register at official website of this course and get some free lessons;
  • When studying via Babbel course it is possible to improve all aspects of German language – speaking, writing, listening, reading;
  • After logging to Babbel you will be able to continue studying where you last left since this course has advanced tracking;
  • By completing the whole Babbel course you can expect to learn about 2500 new German words. If we would compare that to some audio based courses it can be said that it is quite a lot;
  • Babbels mobile app can be a very useful learning tool for German learners who want study while on the go;
  • This course has a separate section for reviewing German vocabulary, which is called Review Manager. It is very useful for keeping retention rate high when studying via this program;
  • If you need social features while studying you will find them included in this course. With Babbel you will be able to message other German learners, participate in forum discussions, search for people who are using this course and etc.;
  • Learning via Babbel is not monotonic because each lesson includes different and image based workouts that are quite fun to complete;
  • There is not much guessing involved and it is not too difficult to progress with German when studying via this course because translations are provided in English, there are explanations included on grammar and other parts of this foreign language;
  • This course can be very useful for learners who are studying German for traveling purposes. This is mainly because it has a separate section called Countries and Traditions. With this material you can learn about different dialects of German language, celebrations like Oktoberfest, the most essential vocabulary for getting around, shopping and etc.;
  • Babbel can work well for busy German learners because all lessons are divided into small parts and mobile app allows you to learn on the move too;
  • In order to motivate learners to study German further Babbel has a feature called Daily Challenge, which asks a few questions from previous material. Also all workouts in this course are based on point system, so that you would know how well you are doing;
  • Pronunciation in Babbel lessons is done by different and native German speakers so you can learn correct pronunciation from this course;
  • Most of German words & phrases that you can learn from Babbel can be called essential. Also most vocabulary is divided by different topics so you can concentrate on areas that interest you the most;
  • If your main goal is to learn how to speak German you will not be disappointed with this course. This is because Babbel includes features like Speech Recognition, ability to compare pronunciation with a native German speaker and also some lessons are specifically dedicated for improving learners speaking skills;
  • Babbel has quite appealing price plans. If you are just trying this course you can choose monthly subscription, which is just 9.95 USD. And if you want to save in the long run it might be worthwhile to consider a yearly subscription (4.95 USD per month);

The Main Weak Sides:

  • Internet connection is needed at all times when studying via Babbel course since all material is based online;
  • It can be said that Babbel is more focused on teaching individual German vocabulary. Due to this it might take time until you will be able to construct your own sentences or different variations of them;
  • Studying material in Babbel program is quite limited so if you will want to advance further than intermediate level in German you will need additional courses & material;
  • This course doesn’t have e-tutoring, which can be found in some other German online courses (Living Language, Rosetta Stone and etc.);
  • Speech Recognition feature in Babbel doesn’t work 100% accurately, but it is a common problem in other courses too;

Summary of a Review.

In summary it can be said that Babbel course for German learners has quite a lot of benefits and a few downsides. This course is not too expensive and it includes engaging & different workouts for practicing German vocabulary. The other benefit of Babbel is that it comes together with a mobile app, which makes it convenient to learn German on the move. Also this course includes culture information and it teaches only essential German phrases & words, which makes it suitable for travelers.Babbel German Course

One of the main drawbacks of Babbel is that it has limited studying material, so it is not very suitable for more advanced German learners. Also it is more focused on teaching separate German phrases & words and studying material on grammar and language structure is quite limited. So if you don’t mind these downsides it is definitely worthwhile to consider Babbel for studying German or other foreign languages.

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